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Infidelity, Cheaters and Sexual Allegations

Lie detector testing and polygraph exams have recently become more popular for fidelity issues of significant others: husband, wife, fiancé, boyfriend, and girlfriends. Signs of cheating causes stress in couples, and some choose this tool to either confirm suspicions to be the truth, or relieve paranoid irrational thoughts.

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The partner suspected of infidelity may choose not to take the polygraph exam, or even pull the insult card. If there are no signs of a cheating spouse, they are entitled to refuse, and should not be blamed for refusing to take the lie detector test. When it means enough for the loved one, if the suspect is innocent, he or she can be stressed and nervous and still pass the polygraph.

If there is a history of lying about sexual activity, and obvious signs of cheating, the suspect should have no problem taking the polygraph. The lie detector test is not about the examinee’s life, only the suspicious issue or incident being tested.

“My girlfriend confessed to cheating on me one time, but before going on our trip to Europe, I wanted to know if there was more cheating. She failed the polygraph - then admitted there were two other incidents.”

-Ramsey (Boyfriend)

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