Polygraph Exam Letter (Sample for Business)

To: (Employee Name)
Pursuant to the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988, you are hereby requested to submit to a polygraph exam (lie detection test.) Please be advised that you have 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, to consult with an attorney (lawyer) or an employee representative before the scheduled exam.

By law, you cannot be required to submit to any polygraph examination. You will not be terminated or penalized for refusing to take this examination.

This test is administered in connection with an ongoing investigation specifically involving: (Example- missing money from weekend drop box)

You had access to the property, money, merchandise, inventory, parts (circle one) that is the subject of this investigation because: (Example- employee had assigned keys to the storeroom)

We have reasonable suspicion of your involvement in the above described incident, based on the following: (Example- co-worker witnessed improper activity)

Signed/ Dated by Employee Employer (Company Representative)

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Polygraph Letter
(Sample: Business)

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