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Polygraph Testing for the Small Business

SPECIFIC ISSUE THEFT Polygraph Exams are used by many employers as an investigative tool, to aid in determining whether or not employees had any involvement or knowledge in recent thefts, embezzlement, vandalism, or misappropriations.

Polygraph exams for professional maintenance and cleaning personnel shown

Polygraph exams and lie detector testing for business finance and money, such as cash register transactions shown

The standard fee for this type of test is between $350- $500. To make lie detector tests more affordable to small business owners, the fee is significantly reduced when two or more employees are tested. Depending on location, the fee may be as low as $200 for each employee tested.


Please view the sample letter, which should be given to any employee(s), who the employer would like to give a lie detection test. This should be printed on employer's letterhead.

Often, small business owners have friends and family members assisting them with their daily operations. Technically, they are not employees, and with those individuals the business owner is not restricted to any limitations of federal law. Lie detection tests are ALWAYS voluntary, and nobody should ever be intimidated or threatened into agreeing to participate.

It is important to convey to the employees that you are interested in testing them for one specific theft or incident. Most innocent employees will volunteer without hesitation, but may have concerns over $20 they found on the floor a year ago, and did not report. Let them know the polygraph exam is on the theft or incident that is presently being investigated. Guilty employees will also volunteer to take the test, because if they don't, they look guilty. Reassure employees that the examiner is not going to ask intrusive, personal questions about their lives, which are unrelated to the investigation.

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