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Reviews the process of conducting a polygraph exam, as well as information about employee testing for theft.
Theft / Workplace: Business, Home or Office

Employers use polygraphs as an investigative tool, to determine whether or not employees had any involvement or knowledge in recent thefts, embezzlement, vandalism, or misappropriations.
Polygraph Test for the Small Business

Lie detector testing has recently become more popular for issues of infidelity of significant others (cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, etc)
Infidelity Lie Detection

Businesses may use this letter as a guide to obtain their employee's signature authorization to conduct a lie detector test
Polygraph Exam Letter

Lie detector testing locations throughout the state of Michigan.
Michigan Polygraph Testing

We offer polygraph exams within Florida; includes a comprehensive selection of testing locations.
Florida Lie Detector Testing

Lie detector testing within Ohio; includes a comprehensive selection of exam locations.
Ohio Lie Detector Testing 

Contact us for additional information or to schedule a lie detector test in your area.
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We offer professional polygraph examiners for testing issues of a business or personal nature, within Ohio, Michigan and Florida
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Theft / Workplace

Polygraph for Small Business Owners

Infidelity / Cheaters

Polygraph Letter
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Polygraph exams and lie detector testing throughout Florida including Tampa Clearwater Orlando and Lakeland, Phone Number 813.480.4484

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