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The Polygraph Exam
A polygraph exam consists of three main parts:

1. A Pre-test Interview (the issue and test questions are reviewed)

2. The Collection of Charts (in-phase portion, polygraph instrument attachments are placed on examinee's body, and test questions are asked)

3. An Analysis of Polygraph Charts to determine PASS (No Deception Indicated), Inconclusive, or FAIL (Deception Indicated)

A detection test begins with a phone call or e-mail to schedule an exam date and location. With personal issue testing, the test questions may be written on paper and brought in with the client.

In theft and employee testing, the questions will be discussed on the phone, e-mailed or faxed. In cases with allegations of criminal activity, any reports or correspondence with any agency or institution should be faxed to the examiner. All polygraph exam questions should be: objective (either it did or it did not occur- not feelings or opinions), constructed to have a 'yes or no' answer, and pertain to the same subject matter (in single issue testing.) The client’s questions will be reviewed and adjusted during the pre-test interview. From beginning to end, the testing process takes about 1 1/2 hours. Evening and weekend appointments are available at our offices, business calls, and house calls.


Please view the sample letter, which should be given to any employee(s), who the employer would like to give a polygraph exam (lie detection test). This should be printed on employer's letterhead.

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“I had all 24 of my employees tested, and they all passed! I was furious! Someone should have failed? A week later, my cousin found out it was my ex-wife, and she confessed. Because all my employees were treated well, none quit on me, and none feel betrayed. Thank you.”

- Rich
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